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It’s an assist to the scapegoat when officially yet unofficially calling a spade a spade. It’s kind of like saying “mybad” but this is a definite upgrade and carries a very official sounding apology. This single multi-excusable word can be used in any fashion so utilize in your arsenal of doubt or direct conversation.
Texter 1:yo you bringin the whore over.

Texter 2: WTF?

Texter 1: Damn you AUTO-CORRECT, I meant to say "it would honor us if you bring your lady over to enjoy or join in on our festivities."
by StyleDogg October 28, 2011
When Magic and Mathematics need to coexist on the same horizon in-time in order to completely operate a mad-theory similar to alchemy. These archaic pontificator’s use paradoxical- persuasion and apply them to religious hypotheses to vigorously massage one’s mind into submission. These folks are more dangerous than a sea lawyer in BFE handing out 100 year old CONUS advice.
1000AD, 1843 and 1844, 1982, 1994 a few examples of work the magitician was supposed to reverse engineer or decipher to decide when a good date was to fate their congregation and damn a nation.
by Styledogg May 23, 2011
A very large beastly person whom wants to be a cougar but to old and frumpy to pull it off, one who tries to squeeze into clothes a few sizes smaller and looks like an overstuffed sausage with hail damage. She usually gives real good bad advice on relationships as a single has been. This is usually a female type with a epic fail name. She is a person whom is held together mentally by prescription drugs.
Oops! "She-yeti Manatee" has done it again, why does'nt she get fired already!
by Styledogg August 10, 2010
( Shit just got ugly)

Pertaining to social networking wall posts and comments, when you have mutual discussions about a raunchy topic and their friend (male, female, shemale) out of nowhere starts bashing on behalf of their friend and soon both of them take the same side against you

Also when you’re about to close the deal with the one night stand and their haterist friend begins to block all intended efforts.
“Dude that chick was all kinds of SHIGLY on you”

“Girl you better stop gettin SHIGLY with my mother fucker”

“Man I was this close.. then her SHIGLY friend came over and ruined it”
by Styledogg August 25, 2010
(verb): an action or characterization(s) of oneself when on a few “Jeffery’s” to induce a full on cosmic-warlock-multi-dimensional-mind fucking good time. Which results in the restructuring of ones DNA?
Yo last week we were all winning the situation! we had Multi-Jeffery’s mixed with medicinal/recreational accoutrement and what we’re calling the “Eden pie” got us all fucking sheen.
by Styledogg March 22, 2011

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