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A sex act which requires two people. Zac Brown Band's ''Chicken Fried'' should be played whilst act is carried out. Both parties must have western apparel on, at the very least, spurred cowboy boots. First the man must begin a basic line dance routine. The woman then lassos the man's penis with a shoelace and pulls it tight, then a hard kick to the testicles ensues.
Hiram: Dang Cephas! Why y'all walkin' so funny?

Cephas: I te'y'a why. Jenny Lou got to watchin' them Academy of Country Music Awards, and hearin' that Chicken Fried song made her ripe for courtin'. We got all suited up in our Nashville Farbies, an' when I's just gettin' into the swing, she done roped my rope and kicked my grapes with her spurred boots. I got pinwheel cuts on my sack!

Hiram: Dad gum! The classic Chattanooga Scoot'n'Boot.
by Sturdy Danny McGee April 30, 2010
Nashville Farbies are the unmistakable clothes that today's country music ''stars'' wear in an effort to look country.

Farbies comes from the phrase ''Far be it from me to say anything about how ridiculous you look!''.
Did you see the Academy of Country Music Awards the other night? The Fathers of Country and John Wayne would turn over in their graves if they saw all these young wannabes wearing Nashville Farbies!
by Sturdy Danny McGee April 30, 2010
When a woman has let her bush grow to the full potential, right when the ends began to point outwards, it looks like Jack Nicholsons smile when he played the Joker.
Man, I hate watching 70's porn, all the women have Joker Pubes.
by Sturdy Danny McGee December 07, 2009
When a man suspends himself from a ceiling fan in such a fashion that he lays parallel to the ground, and his cock and testes dangle. A woman, or man, who is underneath the suspended then proceeds to bat at the cock and testes as a cat would a toy.
The guys on Grissam's CSI Squad were pretty unhappy about that last case they had off the Strip. His balls were scratched to hell and they had a hell of a time getting him down off that fan. Guess it was a Mississippi Ceiling Dangler gone postal.
by Sturdy Danny McGee December 07, 2009
When you pop an asscherry in extreme heat. The O ringis so hot it's dry and toasted, the resulting aftermath looks like kaya (an Indonesian jam) spread over a bagel.
Damn man, I assfucked the missus for the first time while on vacation in Florida, during a heat wave. Ended up having an Indonesian Bagel Bust for brunch.
by Sturdy Danny McGee December 07, 2009

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