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A fat piece of shit. A dumb, fat, smelly, sweaty, untalented, greedy, lowlife who is constantly getting into trouble, making bad decisions, and in general behaving with no rationality at all, like an Fpos. does. These people are more common than you might think. They often don't attend school and brandish a strange, unfunny sense of humor.
(Example 1)

-Did you just eat my whole bag of jalepeno cheetos without sharing?

-Shut up man, i was hungry.

-Dude, you're being an Fpos.

(Example 2)

Dude, you are such an Fpos, you just lit my house on fire! That's not funny! What do you have to say for yourself?

(Fpos runs away)
by SturdlyMcHarkin August 17, 2012

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