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2 definitions by Stupidspencer

Definition 1
v. When a person smokes pot in an attempt to settle down from the massive amount of meth they have done, but the plan backfires and causes them to still be just as tweaked out but so stoned that they can't do anything.

Definition 2
v. When someone tweaks out on smoking weed. They won't get any more stoned, but they can't stop smoking. What a waste of weed.
Mike stweaked out on his car because he lost a nug between the seats and now all the interior parts are strewn across the alley.

Mike has been smoking out of that bong for 4 hours straight. He's totally stweakin his greens away.
by Stupidspencer February 27, 2010
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adj. - Stupider than stupid-- proper pronunciation emphasizes extra amount of stupidity.
pronunciation: st-ee-oo-pid
Look at my dog drag its butt across the carpet. He's so steuwpid!
by Stupidspencer February 27, 2010
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