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there is no such drug... i just wanted some attention.
i'll just go back to my corner now...
by Stumundo September 10, 2003
a word to use when you want to sound REALLY important when talking about food.
my, this food has a delicate flam... flambid... flambidudoodely smoodely... to it
by Stumundo September 10, 2003
to be not quite "scumptious" and not quite "yummy"
this food is not quite "scumptious" and not quite "yummy"... in fact you might even say it is... oh crap i'm out of typing space.

no you're not

shut up frankel!! why must you ruin everything i do!? WHY!?
by Stumundo September 10, 2003
quite possible the stupidest name in the entire universe, if you know anyone who has this name you must punch them in the neck and then proceed with the beating of the spine with the brick.
good day sir, my name is halford. i come from...
by Stumundo September 25, 2003

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