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a jsop stands for Josh slipped on peaches.a josh is a great friend and every one should meet a josh.someone who is funny and good to get along with.A good boyfriend as i can tell,and alot of gurls want him.
You will always want a jsop in your life.
by Stumbles July 11, 2009
kylie is such a dummy.i am just kidding.She is a great friend and mostly there for you when you need her.She is such a blonde but i have no room to talk either.I love her like a fat kid loves cake.
I have a kylie who i love to hang out with.
by Stumbles July 10, 2009
a person wh is not a good friend and never there for you.she is a backstabber lier.she is also a boyfriend stealer..a fatty that thinks she is all that when she aint nothin!And a hater that is always jealous.
if kambria knew that her best friend liked this guy and they were really close to going out but she stole him like that.
by Stumbles July 10, 2009
jennifer is a blonde that is always there for you when you need a laugh.a peso who will always be a great friend that has a nice body and really pretty.she will always be happy with a smile and never get jealous.Most jennifers have a best friend that is a hamter killer too
Did you ever meet a jennifer before,because if you didnt,you would want to!
by stumbles July 10, 2009
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