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A script kiddie, typically someone aged 10-16 (perhaps higher) that attempts to "h4x" people using scripts pre-made by a REAL hacker. Unless the person can understand what's going on inside the script, they are counted as skiddies/skids/script kiddies/faggots.
<Person1> And you're not a grey hat hacker
<Person1> You're a dunce hat hacker
<Person2> ugh, dumb skiddie...
<dida> i am nothing. but going to be grey.
<dida> cunts like you can not understand what hacking is i guess.
<dida> you grew up on hackforums.
<dida> prepare for a botnet attack
#script #script kiddie #skid #faggot #dunce
by Stumbledore August 01, 2011
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