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1 definition by Stuka Jones

The Standard Tood is the rapid up-and-down movement of the index and middle fingers, while folding the other fingers in as if making a fist. A tood can be used to express many things, such as welcome, celebration, acknowledgment, pwnage, or a goodbye. Tood was derived from toodle-oo (or TooDaLou), and the world has never been the same since its creation.

Many variants of the tood exist. Destructive Tood is the violent tooding of nearby objects so as to cause maximum damage and mess. Jewlia Tood is like a Standard Tood but with the two fingers separated into a V. Inappropriate Tood is like a Standard Tood but only moving the index finger down, thus giving any recipient the bird.
DGlov: Dude, you just owned, bitch!
Teek: Tood to that, brotha. (Teek toods)

DGlov: Ey, Teek's here! (DGlov toods)

DGlov: Ey, Teek, you want a pizza?
Teek: Fo sho! (Teek toods)
by Stuka Jones January 21, 2007