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A term used in the book and film version of "A Clockwork Orange". It means horrible horrible violence.
Some of the old moloko plus would be sure to ready you up for some of the old ultraviolence.
by Stuhl Babe August 24, 2004
A black woman's vagina.
I love eating out purple bacon!
by Stuhl Babe February 27, 2004
The large smelly obnoxious man with a poorly groomed beard.
The character that Robert de Niro played in Jackie Brown was a real fatty beardy fat fat
by Stuhl Babe March 23, 2004
A word that fat buck-teethed Japanese people use to refer to breasts.
Man, I just sucked on some saggy boobas!
by Stuhl Babe April 07, 2004
An oafish unlikeable person with and extremely huge head.
God I'm glad he left. He was the biggest boothead I've ever seen.
by Stuhl Babe March 23, 2004

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