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One of the smallest colleges in New England; Dean is found in the middle of Franklin, MA. Half the school is international and the only 4-year program is Dance. The Dance majors run the school, and get what they want. Most students don't even know what sports teams Dean has. Dean Hall and Bourrett are haunted. the triads is where you go to party. Houston, Mitchell, and Clark are residence's no one knows exist. Everyone knows everyone and rumors spread faster than wildfire. The population drops from 900 students to 200 for weekends since most students live within a two hour drive. Though Dean is small and you make get annoyed while your here, ask any alumni, Dean is somewhere that you will always want to be, and will always remember.
Dean College Dancers are the people crossing the street in cut off sweats with pants underneath.
by Student11685 November 06, 2005

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