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Once-powerful electronics store. Currently in financial trouble such that they cannot pay their employees on time. Also, tends to produce an uncanny level of returns on a particular employee, thus named "Cody."

Also, cannot afford full-time (40 Hour) pay, so all workers, save managers, must work less than 30 hours per work week. Therefore, though a decent employee can make $10+ an hour, said employee still will average only $400 every two-week period, if employee is lucky as fuck.
"Damn, Cody got another return. That's what, $3,000 in the past six weeks?"

"Indeed. He is very fucked by Stan Stan He's Our Man If He Can't Do It Some Other Braindead Monkey-Fuck Can."

"Fuck. I should go back to laying concrete. At least there I did 40 hours a week. You know, it would be nice if RadioShack could give me 40 hours a week so I wouldn't have to bum money off my girlfriend."
by Stucky June 05, 2006
Coined by Lantis, this term refers to a period of exceptionally intense inebriation which causes the blatant abandomnent of managerial responsibility.
The Valcohol caused me to be an hour early for work, even though we're already exceptionally short-handed. Good thing Chen got to be able to get his play on.
by Stucky August 23, 2007

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