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An immensely huge person of Mexican decent.
Dude 1: Goddamn! Look at that Hombre The Giant.

Dude 2: Nah man, that's just Danny Trejo.
by Stuck5150 August 06, 2011
One who delights in and commonly practices selfish behavior.
That goddamn hog pizzum Sally Struthers ate all the Chips-Ahoys and didn't leave me any.
by Stuck5150 July 24, 2011
The sperm of an Afro-american male.
After a long night of passion, Heidi Klum got a generous portion of afroseed spewed upon her breast.
by Stuck5150 December 17, 2011
The contents of a police report in an Afro-American neighborhood.
When Tyrell got shot in the crack deal gone bad, the police report proved to be afrofactual, in that no one seen what happened.
by Stuck5150 December 17, 2011

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