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4 definitions by Stubs Magnificent

The noise made by two nut sacks slapping together. Usually happens when two men are fucking doggie style. Know to happen occasionally while playing water polo.
Sven: Oh god peter your ass is so tight tonight

Peter: I know Sven, I've been working out, but shut up and fuck me harder you animal.

Sven: MmmM okay I'll just listen to the flesh cymballs
by Stubs Magnificent July 06, 2008
The act of sticking your finger up your butt and wiping your fecal matter on your upper lip. Basically giving yourself a dirty sanchez.
Fuck giving that bitch a dirty sanchez, Im gonna make her do the dirty jimenez.

I can't get hard unless i do the dirty jimenez
by Stubs Magnificent July 06, 2008
The sexual act of passing a solid piece of fecal matter back and forth between two anuses while reaching through each others legs and helping to manually release your parter.

When two people bend over,press their spread asses together, and one shits into the others ass and it is passed back while your jerk and finger each other to orgasm.
Shit girl me and my man was tootsie rollin last night.

So i kidnapped these two sluts and forced them into some tootsie rollin.
by Stubs Magnificent July 06, 2008
One of the 4 members that makes up the hip hop group The Uncouth. Keep an Eye peeled for their album.
"The Uncouth got the proof, so its crucial we bless'em" - DL from Santa ana.

"Like you eat your girls pussy after I bust my nut" - Stubs Magnificent
by Stubs Magnificent July 30, 2008