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Another name in online gaming for an Admin, or server owner, who

1. utilizes a lot of rules in which the players may not even have control over.

2. messes with the settings on games, especially ones like Counter strike, which is quick to become chaotic under the rule of such an admin, so the game becomes unbalanced.

3. kicks players excessively, sometimes with little or no provokation
1. ADMINtyrant: OMG NO SP@WN Ki11ing!
Player1: but he was shooting at me!
tyrant: Shut ^ N00B!
(ADMINtyrant) killed player1
Player1 kicked

2.Gravity is now -1000, (a few seconds pass) gravity is now 1000
Player1 died
mingebag died
supersnype died
Halopwns died
Stubbs1952 died
Counter terrorists win

3. Mingebag joined
Mingebag: hello everyo-
Mingebag kicked by server
by Stubbs1952 July 05, 2006
A metal piece used to hold the frame of scaffolding together, often used in construction.
Looks like we won't be able to put the siding on the 6th floor today, we're out of donkey dicks
by stubbs1952 July 05, 2006

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