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The process of adding someone to your Facebook friends that you have no intention of contacting, interacting with or viewing in any way purely to grow the number of friends you have. The "Facebrick" builds up your friends as a builder would build a house out of bricks.
Your Friend: Wow you've got like 200 friends on Facebook
Me/You: Yeah but most of them are Facebricks
by Stuart Harcourt August 29, 2008
Ejaculation, result of male orgasm, Sperm
Following last nights session she was covered in splamph!
by Stuart Harcourt March 08, 2008
A description used to imply that someone or something is homosexual.
Man 1: Did you see the film Broke Back Mountain
Man 2: No it was a little bit jazzhands for me!
by Stuart Harcourt October 28, 2008

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