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giving oral sex to someone while they are having an explosive bowel movement and the blow back from the psi levels splatters the face of the head giver
blow back(e.g.) when you drop ass and shit splashes your ass and the bottom of the seat. combine that with oral sex
and you'll get fecalatio
by stu lanely April 06, 2006
A Half smoked blunt or joint. It can also be considered a small blunt.
I woke up this morning and lit up the chezzwick sitting in the astray.
by Stu lanely May 22, 2006
persistent shitting of your ass. usually diahrea and/or mud butt
Damn! I keep shitting my ass.
Looks like you have Shatass disease.
by stu lanely April 07, 2006
Mud Butt: when shit basically drops out of your ass as soon as you hit the toilet. a muddy consistency, extremely wet shit and/or thick diahrea
a good example would be to eat 5 beef and bean burritos W/LOTS OF HOT SAUCE from taco bell or any generic texmex restuarant. Another example is the bag of fecies in the "mud butt" episode of The Chapelle Show
by stu lanely April 05, 2006
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