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1. A type of Southern conjure magic that keeps haints, hags, and plat-eyes away. It is made from marsh mud, Spanish moss, sweet grass, and salt water (from the article "Boo Daddies: Low Country Ghostbusters" by Bob Ciminel). The boo daddy is incubated in an oyster and can be carried around or worn around one's neck.
2. In a folktale about the Boo Hag from North Carolina, the Boo Daddy was a demon that would be fed a victim that was lured to their death by the Boo Hag. The latter took the form of a beautiful woman and married a young man whom she met at a dance. She disappeared every night and the man didn't find out what she was until he saw a woman who worked with hoodoo magic, seeing as the town's travelling priest had moved onto his next parish. Had he not destroyed the Hag, she would have fed him to the Boo Daddy. (This is but one story about Boo Hags, and it is a variation of a story from Georgia.)
1. From "Boo Daddies: Low Country Ghostbusters" by Bob Ciminel: "If you are afraid of ghosts, witches, and goblins that roam the streets after dark, keep yourself a boo-daddy in your pocket or around your neck and the scary creatures will stay away from you and go frighten someone who doesn't have any protection. The more you have, the farther those creatures will run until they stay away forever." --Translation of a Low Country saying.

The Boo Daddy is NOT a sugar daddy or anything else anyone on here says they are, and I have NO clue where they got it from.

The Boo Daddy is from Southern folklore, and it is either a protective amulet or a type of demon.
by Stryx December 07, 2011

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