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1. A vest made of explosives, usually donned by fanatical muslims which is used to kill themselves, as well as those around them, be they military or civilian targets

2. In many online video games, one will be covered by remote-triggered explosive devices and run into an enemy fortification, and have their teammates detonate the bombs, sometimes killing the bomber, and a fair number of opposing players all at once.

3. Any act where someone fits themselves with hazardous devices and detonates them in the presence of enemy forces.
1. "I just heard on the news that some terrorist just allah bombed a cafe downtown!"

2. "We tossed a buncha grenades on Fred over there, and he allah bombed the Red's base. He even screamed "LEEEROOOYYYY" before we set him off!"

3. "Jimmy just ran into that coffee shop and allah bombed it with the stinkbombs under his coat, hahaha!"
by Strype February 04, 2006
Anyone with a souped-up wheelchair, including but not limited to high-powered motors, chromed wheels, licence plates, various flags, and bumper stickers. Can range from the developmentally challenged to large people whom can no longer support the weight of their own bodies.
Holy shit, I nearly got run-down by that turbo timmy! Someone get his plate numbers?
by Strype September 08, 2005

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