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online gameing clan that has been up for a few years, they have been known for their maps, skins, and skill
Some people want to join ZoU clan.
by Stryder December 05, 2004
a taunt to a person either bitching or complaining to the fullest extent.
Shut the fuck up /cry more you little pussy.
by Stryder February 27, 2005
swear word that IS EXISTANT.

Even if Joey doesn't think so.
jarred: danm reconnect button
by Stryder March 02, 2005
Ginger - Noun
A Person With Red Hair, Freckles, and Pale White Skin.
Made Popular By South Park

Jon "Hey Did you See That Ginger Down By The Park?"
Rick "Yeah, He was Walking Around With An Umbrella, its like 80 degrees outside, what a Ginger"
by Stryder November 14, 2005

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