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Is just a word the lazy use to describe the Dedicated.
Dedicated: I deadlift 315 yesterday!

Lazy: Man, your obsessed.
Dedicated: Your just jealous because you cant even curl the bar.
by Strong Chuy July 26, 2009
When a person punches in motion at nothing particular, preparing for a fight or physical fitness.
Rocky is well known for his Shadowboxing!
by Strong Chuy July 13, 2009
A past girlfriend or boyfriend from high school or college.
A romantic relationship with a person in the past.
Dave: I seen my high school flame at Carl's Jr.
Charlie: Really? who was she with?
Dave: Rick.
Charlie: Your brother???
by Strong Chuy December 28, 2009
When your finding out how to make a lot of money.
We got another hungry rapper, lil Cee ~ Biggie
by Strong Chuy July 23, 2009
When you can't go on anymore & have to drop the weight.
Used to describe amount of reps the person does until he fails to do anymore.
Used commonly in body building lingo.
Guy1: Now finish with dumbbell fly
Guy2: How many reps?
Guy1: To Failure
Guy2: aight...
by Strong Chuy July 26, 2009
A confrontation between several enemy's risking & willing to inflict damage towards each other in-order to resolve an issue. Guns are drawn and ready, neither side wants to participate in shooting but is willing if the opponent decides to fire their weapon first.
Nazi "Hear that?"
Nazi "That was the sound of my Walther pistol."
Basterd #1 "That makes two of us."
Basterd #1 "I've had a gun pointed at you since you've sat."
Nazi "Looks like we have a Mexican Standoff in our hands."
Basterd #2 "Say auf Wiedersehen to your Nazi balls!"
Boom! Boom! Boom!
by Strong Chuy February 13, 2010
Acronym: Proto Matrix Rail
A very high-end Paintball Marker!
Busta : Yo i just got an SLG!
Chuy : Yea, well i got an PMR!
Busta : DAMN!!
by Strong Chuy July 24, 2009

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