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Underdog character in the "Homestarrunner.com" series; anatomy is dominated by spherical shapes; often complains and whines, thus causing much pain from his brothers, Strong Bad and Strong Mad; has elephant legs.
Strong Sad has good penmanship, but most people find him annoying beyond sanity.
by Strokes fan February 01, 2004
Gorgeous singer of the New York-originated rock band The Strokes, born Aug. 23, 1978; often appears drunk and/or hung-over, but is strikingly good-looking nonetheless; sings in a unique low tone; he and The Strokes sport vintage rock habits.
Julian Casablancas has the most amazing voice ever.
by Strokes fan February 01, 2004
Guitarist in the NY-originating band The Strokes; tall; started playing the guitar at age 5 or six after receiving an acoustic guitar; likes "stripey socks."
Nick Valensi was born on January 16, 1981.
by Strokes fan February 02, 2004
1. The lifestyle which suddenly appears once one has lived a life of pop music and MTV, yet suddenly decides that they want to be "punk," as it is the popular thing to do.

2. One who partakes in a pseudo-punk lifestyle.
1. "She's turned to pseudo-punk, Michelle," the girl whispered. "It was just before the summer that she was wearing preppy clothing."

2. He, among others, considers Avril Lavigne to be a pseudo-punk.
by Strokes fan February 01, 2004
A popular hangout site for characters in the "Homestarrunner.com" series; run by a "hip" character named Bubs, who sells Swiss rolls.
Strong Bad and the Cheat treated themselves to food at Bub's Concession Stand.
by Strokes fan February 01, 2004
Acronym for "model United Nations," either a club or class, usu. in high schools; an extremely time-consuming activity where one student learns about international policies and takes on the role of a delegate for a particular country to discuss any given topic.

(Other-- Known to cause high school students to stay up late in researching.)
"I'm representing France in the committee of IAEA," said the M.U.N. student.
by Strokes fan February 01, 2004
A new wave of network and sometimes cable television that features "ordinary" people, and is supposedly unscripted; often competitive with motives to win monetary prizes; notorious for being a waste of time yet addicting to many.
"Why are you watching reality TV again?" the children's father questioned.
by Strokes fan February 01, 2004

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