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1. A new term that can be used interchangeably with the term "US Congress"

2. President Obama's plan for "an Independant Medicare Advisory Council" that will work outside of "normal political channels" giving decisions about the "huge driver of cost... the chronically ill and those toward the end of their lives."

3. The reason the USA's healthcare system is on the verge of becoming the most corrupt enterprise in history, far surpassing even Italy.
Mary: "Goodness Jane, how did you get your opperation so quickly? It tooks 8 months for MY tumor to be removed!'

Jane: "Hahaha Mary you're so silly! You know I work for the post office. My menial government job makes me a much more essential person than you according to the death panel. You don't even work! You just stay home taking care of your 6 children."

Mary: "Sheesh, I wish I never voted for OBAMA!!!"
by StripperFucker October 03, 2009
Born Dec, 8 1961, Ann Coulter is an American social and political commentator, author of several best-selling books, a radio talk show host, and a syndicated columnist. She has an amazing ability to turn supposedly "open-minded, tolerant" liberal democrats into red faced, blathering, sturrering, cursing, piles of mush. She famously wishes for the day when a woman's right to vote is taken away. Arguing that it would be impossible for democrats to win an election without the single female vote. She calls the Democrat Party "the party of women."
Ann Coulter thinks that John Edwards is a "faggot."
by Stripperfucker October 03, 2009

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