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1 definition by Striker122224

Someone who has Asian and African descent.
Black + Asian = Blasian
Sometimes they are called Afro-Asian.
I'm Afro-Indian, my family has African and Indian blood in them. Since one part of my family is Asian, I'm considered a Blasian.

Africasian (African and Asian)
Afri-Asian/Afro-Asian/Afrasian (African-Asian)
Afro-Filipino (African American/African and Filipino)
Afro-Indian (Black and Indian)
Blackanese (Black/Chinese, Black/Vietnamese, Black/Japanese, Black/Saipanese, etc)
Blinese (black and chinese) pronounced blynese
Blackorean/Blorean/Borean (Black/Korean)
Blangladeshi (black and bangladeshi)
Blackapina/Blackapino (Black/Filipino)
Blietnamese/Afretnamese/Vietnamegro (Black/Vietnamese)
Cablinasian (Caucasian, black, Indian, and Asian) Coined by Tiger Woods, professional golfer.
Carindian (caribbean and indian)pronounced like caribbean not like car
Negrasian (Black and Asian)
Malegro (Malay/African and African American *similar to Afro-Filipino)
Blindian (Black/Indian)Pronounced bulindian
Indican (Indian and African)
Indigro/Afrindian (Black/Indian)
Chinegro/Chigro (Chinese/Black)
Chack (chinese and black)
Blindonesian (Black and Indonesian)Pronounced like "in", not like "blind"
Blakistani (black and pakistani)
Koregro (Korean and Black)
Japegro (Japanese and Black)
by Striker122224 March 26, 2007