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To 'Simba' (verb)-

1. To obtain (something) by begging or borrowing with no intention of reparation: I managed to simba a few dollars off my brother.
2. To obtain by salvaging or foraging: I simbered some free bread.

1. To seek to obtain something by begging or borrowing with no intention of reparation: simba some free food.
2. To forage about in an effort to acquire something at no cost: simbering around the kitchen for a late-night snack.
To steal, scrounge, or act inappropriately, especially when cheap/free items become available.

Commonly associated with an outstretched forearm and an open, clawed hand.

One must watch out for the abovementioned action combined with the well known phrase 'I'll have a bit of that.'

In such instances, you are probably dealing with a classic case of Simba.
by Strictly Come Scrounging May 25, 2011
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