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A guy who's too cool for school. He's pretty good at video games. Drives a pretty nice car but could use some work. He has some girl and some guy friends. Has the chance with some girl but needs his balls to drop first. Is better than what he thinks he is. Is way to cautious and needs to throw chance to the wind.
Mike: bububububut i don't know
Me: OMG quit being a chickenshit!
Mike: I'm not. I just don't know whether I should....
Me: Thats the exact definition of being a chickenshit. Dude she wants you to!
by Stretcherton April 15, 2013
See definition of Mike also posted by Stretcherton
Mike is a chicken shit
by Stretcherton April 17, 2013
A girl who is basically trailer park trash. Will sleep with anyone who has a penis. Most likely will have some disease.
Dude what's that?!
That's a Tari my friend aviod her at all cost unless you want some disease.
by Stretcherton April 15, 2013

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