9 definitions by Stretch

The best fucking fraternity in the whole fucking world!
Tau Kappa Epsilon is redefining fraternity
by stretch October 26, 2004
a guy named zach hall that has only one ball.
zach lacks one in his sack!
by stretch February 27, 2005
noun. A small particle of excrement missed by the wipee.
'I thought my underpants were wearing thin, then I discovered an infestation of bum barnacles'.
by Stretch October 03, 2003
a sweet ass, bitch'en sorority. Full of wonderful and lovely people who make your world a wonderful place.
Stacey is one of those sweet ass kappa's. Damn she's fine!
by stretch October 27, 2004
When Russian ladies feel lonely, they do a massive shite, freeze it and at times of need, use it as a dildo, according to Manchipp.
So there I was, chillin with my hot Ruski Mama when all of a sudden and with no suggestion for me, she goes to the freezer and drags out this 13 inch shit and starts to masturdate using it. So obviously I said "what the hell are you doing" and she said, "Logging, it's all the range here in Russia" (but in Russian clearly, as she was russian)
by stretch June 06, 2003
filthy, gross, yucky
Did you see that girls teeth? They were all bungary!!
by stretch June 14, 2006
a guy you vomits all the time because he can't hold his liquer.....pussy
hey up chuck! have another shot!
by stretch October 25, 2004

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