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A Flammin Homo faggot ass queer bait sissy
boy who is jealous of beautiful women, and
needs to be locked up in prison and gang raped repeatly by big hairy men.
Hey..look! There goes that Homo
Perez Hilton holdin' hands with his faggot
ass boy friend wearing a miss usa crown.
Let's go cripple them queery bastards!
by streetwhiz April 26, 2009
A classic Cleveland Steamer preformed by
someone with a horribly harry ass.
Ethel felt fur coat fancy after George
gave her a steaming hot
Cleveland Sasquatch.
by streetwhiz May 16, 2009
The act of sticking your entire face in your lovers ass and dismantling from left to right then squeezing the ass checks together with your face in the middle forming a sandwich.
Freddie satisfied his hunger after sharing a tasty, steaming hot
Dirty Sanchez Sandwich platter with
by streetwhiz April 17, 2009
The result of taking a large dump in a
Washing Machine right before spincycle at the public laundry mat.
Yesterday I delivered a fresh
Cleveland Spincycle to those punk ass
illegal aliens. Next time they 'll think twice about leaving their clothes unattended at the Laundry mat...Wha! Ha! Ha!
by streetwhiz April 10, 2009
The art of inserting both hands in your
lovers ass and clapping to ecstacy.
Harold preformed the Cleveland Ass Clapper
on Freddy by clapping the entire alphabet
followed by knick knack paddy wack!!
by streetwhiz April 18, 2009
The deliberate act of 2 gay lovers purposely eating exlax chocolate to get diarrhea, and then excreting hot foamy runny shit into fancy porcelain cups then consuming each others own hot personal recipe.
Harold: Hey Freddie baby I'm in the mood
for a hot tasty treat!

Freddie: And what are you craving this time my little Perez Hilton.

Harold: Oh.. You big silly! Break out the exlax, I want another steaming hot cup of your special Cleveland Crappuccino.
by streetwhiz May 14, 2009
A 67 year old perverted door to door
dildo and ass lube salesman.
Hey look!! There goes your mom chasing
Dirty Bernie like he's the ice cream man!!
by streetwhiz May 18, 2009
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