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a dude that shines his pennies to wear in
the fronts of his Penny loafers.
Look at that Faggot Ass prancing down the
street in his penny loafers.
by Street Whiz April 05, 2009
The innovative way of sticking your unwipped dirty ass on someones face while they are passed out drunk leaving fresh skid marks on their nose and lips.
Chester took full advantage of Ernie's drunk ass by giving him a nice greasy percy pringle to wake up to.
by Street whiz April 06, 2009
The double sounded effect that a pussy makes after a long round of doggie style
Man, last night my girl ripped a double
Quif Qwaf when I made her change positons.
"What a mood killer"
by Street Whiz April 05, 2009
The act of two gay men ejaculating in each
others assholes than performing 69 to suck the semen out like a vacuum.
After a long session of ass pounding to
ecstasy, Freddie and Harrold preformed the
famous 69 to double felch a hot tasty treat
of chocolate flavored mayonnaise from their
poop shoots.
by Street whiz April 06, 2009
The term used for a blue light half price specials and clearance items at the adult novelty store.
Ethel broke the speed limit trying to
be on time for Dildo Mania at Crazy Earls adult store.
by Street whiz April 06, 2009
1. A female young or old who will give total and complete
sexual favors of any nature for ones own personal gain.

2. A young girl who loses her virginity to a guy in a long
relationship, breaks up, and starts screwing eveybody on
the weekends
That bitch Stacy is a real vigilante vagina.
The boss gave her the promotion over Lauren.
Everyone that works here knows Lauren does a better job
and is way more qualified.
by street whiz December 12, 2009
the act of shitting a large turd and shoving it up the vagina. This method can be used for pleasure or to prevent menstrual leakage.
after a hard hour of doggie style sex ethel asked george for a cleveland kotex to fix the leaky cunt.
by street whiz August 11, 2011

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