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9 definitions by Street Urchin

A term used by a frustrated person who believes he/she can ask the help of a higher power to make a traffic light turn green for him/her. Originates from firemen who actually have the power to make the light turn green.
Green the fucking light!
by Street Urchin April 06, 2004
An exam in which the teacher makes so difficult the entire class fails. He can then "resculpt" the class to give the kids he likes the higher grades and the kids he dislikes the lower grades, according to a bell curve.
I better start kissing up after that putty exam.
by Street Urchin April 06, 2004
A phrase stated whenever a person incorrectly pushes or pulls on a door that only moves in the other direction, thus it must be pulled or pushed, respectively. Originates from the Far Side cartoon.
Haha, school for the gifted.
by Street Urchin April 06, 2004
The back of the knee
Ass! You hit me in the kneepit.
by Street Urchin April 05, 2004
The theory that ignorant people will wait excessive amounts of time to walk through an open door, as opposed to opening another door and saving themselves a great deal of time.
These people clearly never heard of the two-door theory
by Street Urchin April 06, 2004
A frisbee based game in which two people "push" a frisbee to one another and catch the frisbee with only one hand.
Playing vagrin
by Street Urchin April 06, 2004
States that you would make a particular comment, but you don't want to get hit. Usually refers to something unflattering one would say about a female. Oddly enough, you usually get hit anyway - just for saying it. Evolved from the acronym for "but I don't want to get punched."
"Um... bippis"
by Street Urchin April 05, 2004