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When you are nearing completion while getting a blow-job and you pull out and empty your ejaculate (like a glazed donut) all over her dome-piece. You then immediatly throw a fist full of glitter in her face. Thus creating a glazed sprinkled donut for your visual entertainment.
Guy #1: Yo man how did it go with that chick last night?
Guy #2: I pulled "The Ron-Ron" on that chick.
Guy #1: What?
Guy #2: Yea, I glazed that bitch like a donut.
Guy #1: Word!
by Street Pirates April 09, 2012
When you're fucking a chick in the ass and right before you cum she looks back at you with fangled ass teeth. You then realize that this is no chick, but a man! After completion, the man continues to call you non-stop, asking ridiculously long questions.
Guy #1: Yo dude, I was fucking this chick last night!
Guy #2: Oh, Yea?
Guy #1: Yea, turns out it was Carmichael Dave. Now I'm going over on my anytime minutes...
by Street Pirates April 04, 2012

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