2 definitions by Street Dogg

A Female, who is in gr.6-gr.9, who has given hand, head, and has been screwed, ganbanged, and in the most extreme cases, filmed.

Usually girls who wear thongs for the older boys to see, and gives them head.
"Man, why u goin' so middle school?" (Boy telling gr.10 friend to stop getting head from gr.7 girl)
"Man, i wanna tap that middle school shit"
(Person referring to a middle school slut)
by Street Dogg December 09, 2003
Street Dog(g).

A gangster, drug dealer, or criminal who hands around streets day and night.
Usually very important person, has power.

Term used by crip gangs on the upper-east coast, usually describing drug dealers or people associated with the gang who live in the gangs area.
"Man, John is a fucking street dogg. Shit, every time i come round the corner its like he's there!"
by Street Dogg December 09, 2003

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