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The bad ass mother fucking Jesus of Train/Bank Robbers. Famous for being only person with blood made of gunpowder and beer. Star of 'Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid'. He's Chuck Norris' worst nightmare.
Sundance Kid would beat the shit out of Chuck Norris.
by Street Dentist November 28, 2006
A game in which you are at an article on Wikipedia. And you have a goal article. Which is a completely random article that you have to get to by just using the links on the pages. Only played by the l33t.
Dude I so fucking PWN3D at a Wiki Drift tournament last night
by Street Dentist December 03, 2006
A condition characterized by the excessive oozing of Stupid from the mouth.
It's not my fault, I was born with noobesity!
by Street Dentist November 30, 2006
One that suffer from noobesity. You will aquire this when you are so n00bish that your body cannot contain all the noobsauce that is stored and you start vomiting Stupid everywhere.
Dude likes Fall Out Boy, that guy is so fucking noobese
by Street Dentist November 30, 2006
The bible for the mind
Hey Sean, what the fuck is 'Sauropodomorpha'?

I don't know, use Wikipedia
by Street Dentist December 03, 2006
A money saving technique
Donald Trump must have a Masters Degree in Judaism!
by Street Dentist November 26, 2006
The way gay people (British if you will) spell favorite because they're too busy bugging the fuck out of Ireland.
Those fags spell it 'favourite'
by Street Dentist November 28, 2006

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