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EVIL, what the house-wives watch, clearly the reason for the brainwashed people in this country.
infomericals on daytime tv make me feel fat.
by stray April 16, 2004
(Or Pube Rock)
A spin-off "genre" of rock music practiced and lead by the soon-to-be-famous-emaciated-circus-bear, Brian K. Music traits usually consist of punk, pop, or hard rock rhythms of cover songs and rarely originals, killer face-melting drum solos, and "Peter Brady" style vocals. Adopted by any aspiring pubertal 12 year old with a passion for music and with impressive talent, minus the singing...

12 year old+drums+cd burner+camp+14 year old groupies=PUBERTY ROCK

kid 1: is that him playing drums?
kid 2: yeah
kid 1: and guitar?
kid 2: yeah
kid 1: wow...he sucks
kid 2: thats just his voice, the music is good though..
by stray September 15, 2004
Skull fuck or skull fucking is when a man sicks his dick into an un natural hole in a corpes head
The 3rd view gang has crazy ganstas that will skull fuck a bitch at times.
by Stray May 10, 2004
A male name.

Gus, Bill Murray's nephew, brother of The Hotness. Looks sexy with long hair, but always cuts it in the middle of the year, leaving many people, especially "spellbound" girls, upset because he now looks...turtly...
Gus was really nice to me in fifth and sixth grade, I had a crush on him and his Anthiny Kiedis hair until he cut it. Now I moved on to his brother!

Gus, please stop cutting your hair...
by stray November 16, 2004
a cool clerk at the local ralphs. has some accent i cant recognize but likes to talk and people laugh at everything he says for some reason. his shirts are tooooo tight though.
Harry K packages food.
by stray October 04, 2004
1)The funniest kid at school who always seems to be wearing the same shoes as me....also known as Bob or Phylosophical Phyllis. Has a fascination for soy-cheese, met the Red Hot Chili Peppers in an elevator and is the coolest dude on earth!

2)Anything that is TOTALLY funny and cool!
1)Phyllis DiTullip took a dump in the boys' bathroom and kathy passed out on the way to the nurse's office.

2)DUUDE!!! When Daron Malakian wore that BUCK FUSH t-shirt onstage and then let me take it off and lick his belly, it was the most Phyllis DiTulip moment of my whole life.
by stray November 22, 2003
Greedy old priest with a dent in his head...fired Lenny...NOT cool.
(During church)
Kati: Fr. Tom has ugly shoes.
Us: That's nice Kati,
Kati: Fr. Tom has a shiny head.
Us: That's nice Kati.
Us: BAHAHAHAHA! That's nice Kati...
by stray October 04, 2004
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