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A network that brings people together to share their interests and hobbies through photos, journals, forums, groups, profiles, and messaging. One can search for friends from their own region or from all over the world.

Great for
* Attention whores
* Too-many-pictures-too-little-harddrive people
* Expert yakkers
* Narcissits

Zorpia's similar to myspace, hi5, facebook, etc.
Lindsay uploaded her party pictures on her Zorpia. Her friends saw the pictures and commented "Gal, you look so wasted there".

Ada found her high school crush from the Zorpia search. She went to his homepage and checked out all his pictures. Finally, she privately messaged him, hoping he would be interested.
by StrawberryJam February 07, 2006
Member of Zorpia. One shares interests and ideas with others through photos, journals, forums, groups or messaging. Usually young people from all over the world.
I am a Zorpian at Zorpia. I have 200,000 Zorpian friends on my friend list.

I chat with a lot of Zorpians in the Zorpia forums. We talk about any topics from A to Z.
by StrawberryJam February 08, 2006

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