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When you send an email for the purpose of attaching a document to send to someone and you zone on actually attaching the said document.

Email: I have attached the document you requested to this email.

Reply Email: Thanks but there's no attachment.

Reply Reply Email: Here it is. Sorry I completly zatched on that last email.


Jess: I hate zatching on emails, it makes me feel like a dumbass.

Steve: At least you have all 10 of your fingers.

by Stratis February 18, 2009
When someone cc's their boss or manager in an email throwing you under the bus.

Steve: I cant believe Barb CTed her manager on that reply email to me.

Rob: Thats not cool.


Renee: Jim sent me an email that was border line harrassment, im gonna CT (Carbon Tattle) and tell him to stop.

Steve: Dont be a prude.
by stratis February 18, 2009
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