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The act of pressing your sphincter against your partners sphincter and proceeding to deficate into their rectum.
Billy wanted to try the Tokyo Transfer on our first date!
by Strange Famous July 20, 2004
The act of ejaculating in your hand, and then slapping a girl in the face.
First I dropped her panties and prepared to give her Southern Justice, but then I had a change of heart and went with Northern Exposure.
by Strange Famous July 20, 2004
First you fuck a girl all night long. Then you wake up extra early and leave a rose in front of her face and a hot steamy pile of shit in back of her and then leave. When she wakes up at her normal time she will smell the sweet rose and roll over in ecstacy thinking about the night before only to find that she has just shoved her nose in a pile of stinky shit.
A Steamy Martha is a good way to let your girl know that it's over.
by Strange Famous July 26, 2004
The act of ejaculating on your own foot, and then kicking a girl in the crotch.
Janice needed to be punished and I was the man to do it. At first I planned a Northern Exposure, but then opted for Southern Justice.
by Strange Famous July 20, 2004
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