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hook-ups, jewelery (chain), stuff u get for free or a good deal
"Links a cancer stick"
Give me a cigarette

"Yo, they taxed my links"
They stole my chain
by Strait_Ryda January 03, 2005
To buy or steal items at a store, to buy drugs..
"Hey.. do u have.. I need to grab"

"Yo ama go and grab some blunt papes"
by Strait_Ryda January 03, 2005
1. A white person who is highly respected in a circle of colored or mixed group of friends/people.

2. Coke dealer with very good stuff.
"Yo wussup Whiteness.. long time no see dust your shoulders off playa"

"Hey Whiteness, u gonna hook up the 8ball or what"
by Strait_Ryda January 03, 2005

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