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3 definitions by StraightUppp

slang for dawg.
but it sounds way more badass
ayy dawgtana we boutta kick it tonight?
by StraightUppp February 07, 2009
41 2
the act of one warning another person, (preferably warning one named charlie), that they are about to do something sweet and it's going to have a sweet ending
J-Bird: keep dat camera on me charlie

Charlie: why dawg? you boutta have a sweet ending that you want us all to remember afterwards?
by StraightUppp January 01, 2009
52 15
a face i made up via txt.
it pretty much means 'ugh' or 'wtf'.
bea: "i had sex with station last night"
sam: " -_+ great"
by StraightUppp February 15, 2009
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