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2 definitions by Straight up white boy

(n): A house, crib, place of residence
"Mr. Slave, we have to get to our flipity flopity floop!"
by Straight up white boy December 30, 2003
(N): A cable TV show that features animation. Many of the shows are totally ass like "Samurai Jack" or, and especially, the Powerpuff Girls, mainly because every episode is either the same thing told in a different way. Cartoon Network now features an "Adult Swim" that has An hour of comedy shows that are on FOX network and two hours of anime.
What most people say is that cartoonnetwork "hacked and slashed at the anime, ruining them", but they dont relize that they didnt do it, they got it that way. and if you want subtitles or anything like that, buy the fucking anime yourself.
"The only thing good about cartoon network is the Adult Swim block and the fact that I go to school and am lucky enough that i dont have to sit at home watching gay-ass shows like 'Tom and Jerry' because i will never watch anything with real people in it and i will not watch nick junior. I hate people."
by Straight up white boy December 30, 2003