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n) a movie in which in one of the last scenes, while the last survivors are on a boat, one of their friends dies from bullet wounds, and as he lays dieing, making a lovely speech, he gets a hard-one, a zinger, a boner, and you can see it through his jeans as he lays there, go ahead! Watch it again! ITS THERE!
"Battle Royale is both cool and odd..."
"Yeah and in the end that one guy gets a boner!"
by Stover May 03, 2005
-a made up word
-made by tyoing across your key board from left to right starting on the 'T' button, going till you hit 'P'
"You're A BIG man now! You Made Up and/or Looked up the word TYUIOP! OH WAY TO GO!"
by Stover May 03, 2005
-A being that obviously not many people here believe in...

-An all powerful being that created everything, whether by evolution of whatever, and is SO powerful we can not even begin to understand him!

-A being that is so different than a human because if one of us had that much power, we would go mad, and do all sorts of things like changing the laws of nature every other day, making all women walk around nude, make up animals all the time, and make alot of the ranting people on the def of this word right!

-He's better than you and you know it!

-He doesn't have to be praised day and night, and he doesn't care if you follow a strict set of rules, as long as you believe in him, and repenty at some time, you will go to heavan, which sure beats going to hell and burning and having your soul broken! (do you even know what it would feel like to have your soul attacked? No i didn't think so!)

-A Great thing many people are too blind to see can accept that not everything in this world make sense!

-A being scienctists believe the mere theory of evolution disproves!

-You don't get everything you pray for! Good things happen to bad people, and bad things happen to good people! But God Didnt Make It That Way! We Did! So Suck It Up And Pray Abit!

-A being people are trying to get out of our governamtn and schools and yet are wondering why the worlds going to hell!
"Excuse me I'm gonna go pray to God for your souls now, and trust me, we'll see who right and whos wrong soon enough! Though if you're right, then we wouldnt exist! But if I'm right, PARTY AT HIS HOUSE! (i'll remember you as i look down)
by Stover May 03, 2005
n, (K-O-C) A Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game that is truly a waste of your life because there will always be someone better than you! But it is fun while it lasts....
"Dude, my rank is 20,000 on KoC, and I have 4,567 Orcs, and I- Wait WHAT!!?!? YOU HACKED THE GAME AND NOW YOU'RE RANK NUMBER IS 1!!!"
by Stover May 03, 2005

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