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"raclette", based on the cheese dish and the french "racler" meaning to scrape, is a term for scraping cum from somewhere and smearing it on someone's face or mouth.
"Dude I had raclette today"
"Make sure you wash yourself thoroughly before coming near me..."
by Stovaa September 09, 2007
To hit someone or something with your penis.
"What sound does a tankslap make? DONG!"

"Man, if she does that to me one more time, I'm gonna tankslap that whore."
by Stovaa December 07, 2007
Hard as nails mastah of combat.
OMG! You are almost as hard as Stovaa.
by Stovaa December 13, 2003
One obsessed with medieval weapons; a deluded fool with no experience of the world outside their playstation.
"Dude, that's such an axeman thing to do"
by Stovaa November 23, 2004

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