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I agree with Kourtnee D. If you say you are "Indie" then you are obviously not. And that goes for all stereotypes and labels. There is nothing more obnoxious then all these kids sulking around saying "Oh, I’m so Emo" or "Oh, i am such an Indie Girl" Just be who you are and if someone ELSE wants to label you then fine. In my opinion, labeling yourself is just as bad as giving yourself a nickname. That is for others to give to you.

And don't pretend to be into music you don't like and movies you don't understand because you think they are "Indie" and you want to be "Indie" If you like the poppy mainstream crap, that’s fine but don't act like you like independent music and films because you want to seem ethereal and deep.

As far as I’m concerned, having a checklist of HOW TO'S (I.E. How to dress, act, speak, and what music and movies to be into, hell even having to damn label of "Indie") goes against everything that is this so called "Indie" label. I thought it was about being "Independent" of the mainstream routine that people fall into and being "Independent" of labels. It seems as though all the self-proclaimed "Indie Kids" are so into being "Indie" they have lost sight of what it's really being about.

All in all, just be yourself. As corny as that sounds :-)
Girl 1: "I am such an Indie Girl "

Girl 2: "Oh, me too. I am so into all that Indie music and stuff"

Girl 3: "Wrong, You are posers, which is 10 times worse"
by Stormy_little_world_shaker June 06, 2007

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