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Its when people who are trying to be cool yet cant curse on a live chat on some stupid WOW server.
Mom-Get off in 5 minutes jhonny!
Nerd (To his friends in chat -Not mic so she dosent hear-)-Man she is such a B!tch!
Friend1-Yea my mom is too!
Nerd-NO I GOT KILLED!(Rages quits)
#flopicusm #nerd #curse #lergerty #youtubesaaa
by Stormy Littles July 22, 2011
Fruit popito is when you take a fruit poop yet with small nuggets or a creamy small dirty gross dump.
Jack-What was that about?
Dan-I tryed to get a quick Fruit Poop but i got a nasty suprise with a fruit poopito!!!
Jack-Oh,thats bad man.
Dan-I know now i have skidmarks in my boxers!!!
Jack-Man, i feel your pain..Im sorry.
#poop #fruit poop #gross #green
by Stormy Littles June 03, 2011
A Dirty Gay person.
Man that Dan is a total Swamp pansy!
#gay #dirt #dirty #dan #crazy
by Stormy Littles May 15, 2011
A fat womans left on poop side.
Ugh,Abby's green hill side is full of green!
#ass #monkey suit #dicks #penis lickers #office
by Stormy Littles May 15, 2011
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