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A famous Kangaroo named "skippy" from the popular children television series in 1966 to 1968.

Skippy is an eastern grey kangaroo and is the pet of a young boy called Sonny. The stories revolved around the park, its creatures and dangers and their adventures in the Australian bush.

Skippy is a female kangaroo that rescues people in the Australian bush, much like Lassie did in his rescuing adventures.

The television theme music of "skippy" has became a world known Australian tune, and is often used in a bantering nature with jokes on Aussie culture or in silly sayings about hopping kangaroos to other cultures aswell as said in Australian culture.
1. hop hop hop to skippyyyy dammit
2. Skippyyy the bush kangaroooooo our friend ever trueeeee
3. here skip
4. I'm going to make you hop to skippyyyyy
by Stormy (Anita Parsons) August 09, 2006
Telling someone to be quiet in a light bantering tone.

Can be used to counter someone when they've been teasing you.

Can be used in silly mucking around behaviour.
Example One
Marcy: "So Judy, are you going to wear mismatched shoes again today "
Judy "Shud it" Marcy

Example Two
Person One: Sooooooo when are you going to see Markkkkky againnnn heyy...
Person Two: Shud it woman

Example Three (silly behaviour)

Person 1.... nah nah nah you suck
Person 2.... shud it
by Stormy (Anita Parsons) August 09, 2006

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