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1. (n) a website full of win
2. (adj) a way to describe something that just doesnt work
1. Shannon: Did you see that guy on Fail blog last night?
Mariah: Lol totally! How did his face catch fire like that in the first place?

2. Mariah: Dude, look at that mom trying to put her baby stroller away without taking the baby out
Shannon: Thats a fail blog.
by Storm Abernast May 11, 2009
1 (adj) a word describing one's mood or day. Usually somewhere between bad, sad, annoying, and bleh

2 (adj) a filler word
1 Shannon: Hey, how was your day?
Mark: Eh, it was shmeh

2. Jeff: Wanna go to the movie tonight?
Mariah: shmeh, I'm just not up for it tonight
by Storm Abernast April 09, 2009
1. (n) A restaurant chain found only in colorado known for its custard

2. (?) A phrase one says when shaking hands at a catholic mass instead of the usual "peace be with you".

3. (n) The name of a soon-to-be popular book
1. Shannon: Hey, I'm in colorado. Where can i get a quick bite to eat?
Basil: Good times. They have burgers and the best custard ever.

2. Mr. Murphy: Peace be with you *shakes mariah's hand*
Mariah: Good times

3. Mariah: Are we ever going to publish that book?
Shannon: As soon as you start calling me again
by Storm Abernast May 11, 2009

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