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3 definitions by Stooshaz

A person who is looking to seek and distroy some pussy
Jameil just bagged eight numbers tonight dude!
Shit, seriously?
Yeah!, that dudes a professional pussasin!
by Stooshaz February 10, 2008
5 2
The act of NEEDING your bitch
I cant believe she broke up with Jameil

Yeah, I know. I heard he cries every night while hugging her diafram.

WOW, thats a major shitty case of C.B.D
by Stooshaz February 17, 2008
7 8
Pussy lickin good, (in reference to finger lickin good).usually used to describe food.
OMD Angela that chicken pot pie was to die for,its absolutly leztastic!!
by Stooshaz March 06, 2008
6 14