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A slang term for a Prospect, usually an underage girl that has potential to be hot when she is of age.
"Dude that girl is so hott, too bad she's a spect, I can't touch that for three more years..."

"So what are you spects doing tonight?"
by Stoob8 December 09, 2007
A Handjob. One that is usually sly, or undetected.
"Dude, how did u get a handjob when her parents were in the room?" "I got a corky under the blanket man."
by Stoob8 December 09, 2007
An extremely hot girl that you would like to have sexual intercourse with. She usually is only hot and very dumb.
"Dude that chick is a RAIL, she's only good for a one night stand though"

"I'm sure that rail gives good dome"
by Stoob8 December 09, 2007
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