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4 definitions by Stoney Beers

The crazies that stand outside a movie theater for 5+ hours waiting for the new twilight movie to start.
Did you see that line at the theater? It went all the way to the Corner Bistro!
Yeah I saw that, stupid twi-fucks!
by Stoney Beers June 30, 2010
Fuck you cheese rag!
by Stoney Beers September 16, 2009
Its a slut-whore-cunt-pussy.
"Oh god here comes that chick from Bio class"
"Oh yeah, goddamn she is a sloruntapuss."
by Stoney Beers April 16, 2010
A twat waffle.
I went down to the post office today. The post master was being such a twaffle.
by Stoney Beers April 16, 2010