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A slang term for weed for people from western PA that are the children of the hicks. They use this term so they can talk on the phone about mary jane or text about it and their inbred hicks of parents won't be able to read between the lines. Other terms that go along with this is a modded controller which refers to a bong. This term is most commonly used by Brad Pitt when he is waken baken around his african baby and he don't want his bitch to know what he is talkin about when he says goin to play cod5 with the babies.
Guy1 "Hey you wanna play some Cod5 tonight"
Guy 2 "Ya ill bring my mod"
Guy 1 "Ya this copy i got is soo sticky"
Guy2 "Nice, i cant wait to play"
by Stoner...? Hell Nah June 02, 2010

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