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Vyvanse (Lisdexamfetamine dimesylate)is a new ADHD/ADD Medication developed by Shire, the same company that invented Adderall and Daytrana. Basically it is just a new gimic in order for Shire to be able to keep a steady cash flow when their patent on Adderall expires in 09.

It is an d-amphetamine or commonly known as dextroamphetamine except bonded with an additional protien, lysine, creating Lisdextroamphetamine Dimesylate which Shire then shortened and replaced the "ph" with an "f" resulting with lisdexamfetamine, because they believe it would help customers psychologically disassociate its relationship with the illegal drug amphetamine... nice

almost got me shire...

Ok, so brace yourselves.. this new protien not only greatly slows down the release of the dextro into your body, but it cannot be ingested anyway other than just poppin the pill... you can powder it up and drink it, but wont break the time release.

So no snorting, or injecting... or any other dumb ideas you have.. The only way to truly break the time release is to manually hydrolize it, replacing your liver's job of removing the additional protien which isn't that hard to figure out you know your chemistry.

BUT for the rest of you...

its really not all that bad cuz now you don't have the opportunity to fuck up your nose lining, like i did.


it actually gives you a really nice long lasting buzz/mood lift that is indistinguishable from adderall, but even cleaner if you are lookin for a good buzz all day. It doesnt make me really jittery like adderall does so I still have a hell of a lot of energy but a bit more relaxed.

These are the doses and exactly how much Adderall Extended Release they are equal to:

• 30 mg—white and orange capsule 10 = mg Adderall XR
• 50 mg—white and blue capsule 20 = mg Adderall XR
• 70 mg—blue and orange capsule 30 = mg Adderall XR

So you can do the math and see how much you would like.

IMPORTANT things to remember about this drug:

-It is watered down speed

-You can get addicted if you take large doses for days on end.. so dont.. withdrawls fuckin blow.

-The time release of dextro is VERY consistent for about 12-14 hours which increases with dose... so if you are going to use it as prescribed... OR abuse like I do, make sure you still take it in the early morning!

-If you are a dumbass and think it would be cool to pop 90mg at 3 on a Sunday afternoon, you will probably writing a definiton of Vyvanse at 4:53 in the fuckin morning, like I am.

-If you want to use it recreationally I'd recommend between 90mg-270mg depending on how much of a tolerance you have to amphetamines... but try to limit yourself to once or twice a week, or its magic will go away.

Ok kids, now go tell your mommy and daddy you keep forgetting what you learned in math class. Enjoy!

Tweaker: Shit man.. I took like 7 Vyvanse after I got really wasted last Monday.. I havent been able to really sleep since..

Kid: damn man isnt tommorow friday?

Tweaker: yea it is.... im pretty stoked to do it again

-Wow! With a little help from this pill I cranked out about 38 hours at work between Saturday-Sunday and now I can see my ribcage, Thanks Vyvanse!
by Stoned Arab April 14, 2008
Basically, Kratom (or Mitragyna speciosa) is an amazing plant that remains legal because of its lack of publicity, toxicity and medicinal uses in rehab. This is an amazing legal high that is very similar to opiates and can even considered an opiod. As much euphoria as this plant can produce, at larger doses, It is less addicting than codeine regarding cravings and withdrawl, but of course that doesn't at all mean do it everyday.

If this plant is used wisely and in moderation it can give you many different effects within 2-3 hours starting with stimulation and gradually changing into an opiate high with very minimal withdrawls. Of course wisely refers to dosage which is usually between 5-14 grams depending on how much of a tolerance you have to opiods. A little more might cause unpleasent side effects that might ruin the experience, most common being nausea.

The standardized powdered leaf (best imo is bali) is the most common method and can be mixed with hot water to make a tea or just mixed with a type of juice can okay, whatever helps get it down. There are also resins and extracts, its all about preference, i know people who have gotten effects from smoking, but usually you get close to none. People that really despise the taste buy empty gel-capsules and fill them up with the powder. This powder is very bitter, but bearable and the warm fuzzy feeling definitley makes up for it.

Again, be wise! don't bring attention to it, always use moderation. please dont fuck it up for the rest of us. oh and im really baked right now so if any of this didnnt make sense, u kno.
S: Yo man you wanna meet up a block away from school around 7:30?

E: Fuck yeah man just like last monday. I've got 23 g's which is plenty for both of us, just bring a couple water bottles.

S: shitt.. gotta love that kratom
by Stoned arab March 12, 2008
the best thing in the world until you run out.
Well i just used my college funds for drug money, got a pound of purps and 150 oxys so i'll see you guys in a couple weeks.
by stoned arab March 29, 2008
The ultimate tease of all prescription painkillers.

This medicine is tylenol (acetaminophen,paracetamol) combined with codeine, which is a naturally occuring opiate and is therefore a narcotic like all other opiates/opioids.

Although it is weaker than oxycodone (OC, Percocets) and hydrocodone (Vicodin), it can still give you a really nice opiate buzz if used in higher doeses.

This medicine comes in four different strengths:
Tylenol 1,2,3, and 4 which all have different amounts of codeine but the same 300mg of tylenol per pill:

Acetaminophen/Codeine (mgs)
Tylenol 1 = 300 / 8
Tylenol 2 = 300 / 15
Tylenol 3 = 300 / 30
Tylenol 4 = 300 / 60

These are the most common doses and are commonly nicknamed T(number), for example T3's

In the UK, Tylenol 1 and 2 come in over-the-counter form as in the US, all of these are prescription.

No doubt, these pills are still really nice to have prescribed for a minor injury, but the reason they are a "tease" is because for those (myself) who try to get high off of the codeine basically have to fucking overdose themselves (myself...) on the tylenol before getting the same buzz.

Don't get me wrong, you can still get a nice buzz off of only 100-200 mg's, but after very few times, tolerance kicks in fast and you have to take toxic levels of tylenol before you can get a nice opiated buzz.

Many people get liver damage all the time and aren't even aware, but after multiple doses, it can get severe and in higher doses, people end up in the hospital or dead.

There is a way to do a cold water extraction to seperate the codeine from acetaminophen, but you lose a lot of codeine doing so, until you can get better at it.
I took 15 Tylenol 3's and 3 vicodin in about 2 hours, which is about 6.5 grams of tylenol and ended up in the hospital throwing up, getting my stomach pumped and eating activated coal.

S: Yo man, got any T2's left I can have?

E: yeah, I still have 4 or so.

S: Sweet can I pay you for all of them?!?

E: well yea.. but 4 T2's won't do shit.. like jack shit.

S: ...that medicine is such a fuckin tease..
by Stoned Arab May 12, 2008
The word "stimulant" can refer to any type of drug that increases activity in the central nervous system or sympathetic nervous system, ranging from caffine to methamphetamine.

The most common recreational stimulants are commonly called "uppers" and include ADHD medications (adderall, ritalin, etc), amphetamines, cocaine, and ecstacy.

The more addictive stimulants generally give the user a sense of euphoria that might include alertness, possible twitching and an overall sense of well-being.

Nicotine, the addictive subtance in tobacco, is a well known stimulant but can also be sedating in higher doses.
E: Yo, i got a lot of fuckin work to do tonight, you know anyone that can sell me an upper or any stimulants in general?

K: Yeah, joe just got his adderall prescription refilled.

E: alrightt sick ill just crush up and snort a couple of those, peace

by Stoned Arab March 24, 2008

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